Hangzhou Bay Bridge 

Hangzhou Bay Bridge project was started on 14th Nov., 2003, finished on 26th June 2007, and open on 1st May, 2008. Hangzhou Bay Bridge is a cross-sea bridge over Hangzhou bay China. Its north is from Jiaxing Haiyan Zhengjiadai and south to Ningbo Cixi Shuiluwan, the total length is 36km, and become the third longest cross-sea bridge in the world after American Lake Pontchartrain Causeway and Qindao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge.

Ougan participated in the installation and testing of BDSLT for pile with 2.2m diameter and ultimate load capacity 7000ton.

1. Load cell on jobsite

Load cell on jobsite

2. Foreign engineer

Foreign engineer

3. Foreign engineer guides installation

Foreign engineer guides installation

4. Foreign engineer checks pipeline

Foreign engineer checks pipeline

6. Strain gauge

Strain gauge

7. Lower reinforcement cage

Lower reinforcement cage

8. Design sketch of bridge