Price – Including pre-configured software and 6 load cells 200 tonnes rated (excluding PC) around $17,000 for 1200 tonnes weighing capacity.

DuSense provide weighing systems for a multitude of different applications, from a single 100 kg cell with digital readout to a 1,000 tonne multi-channel system used for Silo Materials Weighing or Concrete Batching Plants, we have a solution to fit your requirements and your budget. Similar systems have been provided for weighing offshore fabricated modules of 20,000 tonne and more.

The photo above taken recently at our DIP Dubai office shows Abby our Sales Executive holding the Wireless Signal Conditioning Unit for a 6 channel 800 tonnes system we have recently supply to a UAE plastic processing factory. The central processor has its own built in local lit LCD display to aid service and maintenance which along with a Windows based software display system provide a very simple to use and operate solution for almost any load measurement or weighing application.

The load cells are fully stainless steel hermetically sealed, they’re high integrity with submersible IP 68 rating. Accuracy >0.023% of full range output.

The system can be easily expanded to 44 channels by addition of single module. It accepts inputs from any type of sensor and the software is extremely user friendly, the operators can readily modify the dis-plays to include Mimics and Trend Plots as desired.

This system is configured with standard Wi-Fi unit giving range of 25 metres however if you need to operate at 500 m or several km. distance we can provide.

DuSense are distributors for DataTaker range of Data Acquisition Systems and Exclusive distributors for the Active Load UK range of Load Cells.
If you have any Process, Data Acquisition, Weighing, Load, Temperature or Pressure measurement requirements please don’t hesitate to contact DuSense at info@dusense.ae    activeload-dusensellc