DuSense provide ASTM Pipe Test to Dubai Pipe Factory

DuSense provide ASTM Pipe Test to Dubai Pipe Factory

ASTM GRP pipe test
GRP pipe test

The DuSense profile of Strain measurement expertise continues to grow apace with a diverse portfolio of accomplishments in recent times.ASTM GRP pipe test

Fully ASTM compliant testing system for GRP pipes at the Dubai Pipes Factory where strains exceeding 1.5% must be repeatedly verified for test samples to confirm the product satisfies the most extreme ground and also usage environments.

Furthermore DuSense System comprised following PC based bespoke software to display the strain data through the full laboratory test cycle up to almost 40,000 micro strain.

ASTM pipe test
Data logger



DuSense contacted by Dubai Pipes Factory to provide service for installation likewise monitoring of strain gauges during Hydrostatic Design Basis and Strain Corrosion Test.

ASTM pipe test
GRP pipe test display setup




Again, DuSense use sophisticated technology in order to achieve the result as per the design specifications.


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