Hangzhou Ougan Technology Co Ltd.

DuSense are the Sole Middle East agents for the Ougan Super-Cell Bi-Directional Static Load Testing products and services

Headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang of China, Ougan Technology was founded in year 2005, and has been specialized in Research & Development, manufacturing, and sale of new products and technologies in Piling Industries.

With the steady development for the past ten years, Ougan Technology has expanded the businesses to territories including Asia, American, European, Australian and African continents, and grown to be the market leader on variety of core businesses in China, including R&D of load cells for bidirectional load test, manufacturing of piling equipment, tooling, parts & accessories, etc..


In addition, Ougan Technology represents TEI Rock Drills Inc. to provide Chinese contractors and anchor machine manufacturers with state-to-art solutions on rock drilling.


Foundation Equipment Supplies

FES history goes back to the mid 1990s, when the founders of the company worked with major European drilling rig manufacturers.


By the end of 2013, there have been totally more than 1500 units CAT-based drill rigs sold all over the world.


As a global supplier to the foundation drilling industry, FES has been growing by building up local offices and business partnerships, establishing spare part inventories, training technicians and providing consultancy and turnkey solutions for customers. FES has been undergoing many changes-more products, more employees, and more market presence, but FES will never change in its commitments to Customer Satisfaction.

China Anchorage

As one of the first anchorage producers that have passed ISO9001 certification, Kaifeng Zhongqiao Prestressed Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company which is engaged in the production of pre-stressing anchorages, wedges, coupler and stressing equipments as well as pre-stressing construction.

Main products of our companyYJM and BJM anchoring system, precision-rolled rebar anchorage, pre-tensioning and post-tensioning products, stressing equipments and its accessories, etc. All of our products meet the demands of GB/T14370-2007 as well as the requirements of FIP- Recommendations for Acceptance and Application of Post-tensioning Systems. The products of our company are sampled and inspected by authorities such as Xi’an Changda Testing Center for High-way Engineering, Xi’an Highway Research Institution Highway Engineering Testing Center, Shanxi Highway and Waterway Engineering Testing CO., Ltd, Shanxi Tongyu Highway Research Institution Testing CO., Ltd, Shanxi Hairong Engineering Testing CO., Ltd, Shanxi Transportation Research Institute, National Center for Quality Supervision & Test of Building Engineering, National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Metal Products, Henan Transportation Institute Engineering Testing and Reinforcing CO., Ltd, China Academy of Railway Sciences, Test Center of Transportation Engineering of Fujian Province, Test Center of Civil Engineering and Water Conservancy Dept. of Shandong University, Test Center of Transportation Engineering of Ministry of Transportation and Nanjing Municipal Utility Engineering Quality Testing Center. And the results show that the performances of our products have satisfied all the technical criteria of GB/T14370-2007, no matter the samples are delivered by ourselves or by our customers.

Our products have widely applied in projects of railway, highway, water conservancy project, high-rise building, overpass and slope and land protection, such as Huangyan Highway, Shitian Highway, Yujia High way, Yanwu Highway, Yanyan Highway, Najing West Road Reconstruction Project,  Light Railway around Beijing and Cross the Yellow River Subproject in “South-North Water Diversion Project”, Qinglin Expressway, Anshao Expressway in Hunan Province, Wuyu Highway, Punan Highway, Longpu Highwayt, Ningwu Highway, Shenhai Double Track Project, Quansan Highway, Zhongyong Highway, etc. Our products are perfect combinations of safety, reliability and practicability of pre-stress technology.

 In addition to pre-stressing products and engineering technologies, our company also offers customers other services such as consultation, new product design, non-standard product design, construction plan, material supply and construction of pre-stressing projects. Friends from engineering, scientific research department and colleges are welcomed to visit our company.

 Quality Principle: Provide high-quality products and top-class services to satisfy the demands of customers.

 Quality Target: Ex-work qualification rate is 100%.